Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Pictures from 2016 West Coast Crosley Club Meet, Buellton CA

Another West Coast Crosley Club annual meet has come and gone. An assortment of Crosley faithful gathered in Buellton, California for a two day meet, October 8-9.  Featured were all the usual WCCC Annual Meet events: swap meet, car show, club dinner, and raffle.  We reprised last year's successful 60-mile Crosley Cruise on Sunday, and member Mike Blackburn led the way to the Buellton Museum of Petroliana on Saturday afternoon.

Here are some pics from the meet - let me know if you have some more photos to contribute!

-Tim Foster, editor, Tin Block Times

 Unloading Saturday AM

 The late Frank Bell's '50 wagon

 Dale installs wiper blades - Should be "Full Service Motors"

 Rob Liebherr's stunning sedan - for sale!

Jarl DeBoer showing his Super Sports

Bauman's resto-mod custom

Stoner's sleek sedan

Bainter's ultra-original sedan

tin block table 

Martha Straube brought the smallest Crosley

Osborn's amazing Hmod special

Bob King's resto-mod wagon

 Plenty of stuff on hand from Service Motors

Trip to the Museum of Petroliana 

on the road to dinner

 Only two Crosleys made the Crosley Cruise under their own power- but still fun!

At the Purisma Mission

DeBoer's Super Sports travelled in style

pit stop after long mountain road

Short stop in Los Alamos

Glimpse of Crosley across the switchback

 Almost done

Happy passenger


  1. Great pix, Tim! Always enjoy your posts.

  2. Thanks! Did the video play for you? Seems like it's acting wonky here.

  3. The video gives me a bad address error on my iPhone. Sorry!

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